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Other heritage structures to see around here are Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-Daula, China Ca Rauza, Sikandra Fort, Radhasoami Satsang, Fatehpur Sikri, and Akbar's Tomb. If you have put aside a lot of money for your holiday, then Monte Carlo is the place to head to, for its worth. Adirondack Park too cannot be missed. So this winter finalize your plan to this awesome holiday spot. Sri Lanka is also well-known for its scenic beaches, and they have many. Some of the best places to visit are Phuket, Krabi, Koch Samui, Phi, Koch Chang, and Chiang Mae. And besides this, La Vegas has some great resorts, museums and galleries to visit too. If you have planned to stay at this place for a weekend getaway, then do not forget to enjoy the sea food of Thai, Spanish and Mauritian origin. In the southern part, a must visit is the Yale National Park. You will be assured of a great time, along with some of the best food that you can lay your hands on.

Its extremely common to run into your Singaporean relative or fellow friend on your trip to Bangkok or Phuket. You get the idea. One of the hot spots in Thailand that tons of tourists flock to would include Pattaya, which is known for its sandy beaches and beautiful sea. But its not that way for some. Some hotel guests realised that theres a hidden corpse in their room after theyve spent a night in it. A Thai couple spent the night in the room with a corpse This almost sounds like a legit Thai horror film. A Thai couple had checked in at this Thai seaside resort before the discovery was made. They complained about the smellbut stayed the night anyway. Hotel staff found the body during their cleaning rounds One of the hotel cleaners also noticed the stench along with some blood by the bed on the following day during cleaning. The cleaner had tried to search for the source to no avail. It was only discovered when hotel staff searched the room and found the corpse under the mattress.

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Then its coastline offers hundreds of miles of sandy beaches for that perfect summer holiday. However enticing the trip may seem, purely for the trying conditions, it wouldn't be prudent to take your family along. Other than the US, Asian countries also have beautiful weather that can be enjoyed during the harsh winter months. There are many old churches that are worth visiting. The country is full of lowlands and evergreen forests. The main beaches to hang out in Ga are Anjuna, Baja, cola, Candolim, Benaulim, Bogmalo, Mira mar, and Dona Paola. Contrary to what most people might believe, Afghanistan has some scenic places and tourist attractions to offer. The capital Dhaka suffers massive traffic issues.